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My name is Amy; Equine Gestalt Coach, Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher and owner of Sky Coaching. I am here to help you with your healing journey. But first, here's mine. 

I grew up in a small village on the east coast of Canada with a simple country life. It wasn’t always hard but certainly not easy at times. I struggled with fitting in, self image and confidence, not feeling enough or that what was happening to me was important, and finding my voice. This held me back time and time again from events, life experiences and adventures but seemed it was out of my control. I worked hard, finished university and started my career. Climbing the ladder, I found myself in the corporate world in Alberta. I was working in a job that was against almost all of my values but this is what I thought I was supposed to do in order to be successful. Something was missing. I was stuck in the corporate box and I wasn't allowed to help people in the ways I knew would propel them into their positive futures. 

I started to focus on myself, what did I need to do in order to be who I deserved to be? I began doing yoga and meditation. Through that I was compelled to start my education with the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and Yoga Teacher Training. I finally felt like I belonged, like I had found my people who understood what it is like to be a real human - live and in color, for better or worse. I could feel myself coming to life and connected. People were commenting that I looked better, they were hearing me for what seemed like the first time in my life and I was getting what I call my ‘silly’ back; joking, smiling and laughter. 

I am my true authentic self and appreciate the value of breaking down the barriers and obstacles to become who you deserve to be. This is completely within your control! It is my desire to hold safe space for you and help you to get there in your life. You may or may not know what it is that is holding you back, that’s ok! Let's work together, uncover any unfinished business and put it to rest so you can fully step into your true authentic self. 

We’ve recently moved to beautiful Rural Athabasca County and reside on what we call Sunset Sky Ranch with our two horses, Caballero & Estrella, two dogs, Bucko & Chevy and three cats, Archibald, Beretta & Eliza. We are excited to launch Sky Coaching incorportating gestalt, kinesiology, yoga and meditation into practice, empowering you to be who you deserve to be!

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